Wednesday, March 7, 2007


My first post on blogspot. It should be deep. And funny. And meaningful. And funny. And current. And funny. Did I mention funny?

So, here goes ... It will be none of those things. Well, except maybe funny.

There is an expression: "Writers write." And, I do. Mostly screenplays, but occasionally I write other things. A small email list of concert-goers has been victimized by my sporadic and irreverent reviews of rock and roll shows. I once described a song from an Eagles concert as "the bag-of-flaming-crap-on-the-doorstep that is [Glenn] Frey's solo hit 'You Belong to the City.'" In a parallel life, I've also written and edited for legal publications. If that last line put you to sleep, consider what actually writing/editing that stuff does to me.

But, as I confront some changes in my life (cue the piano duh duh duh-duh duh duh duh duuuuuh J.D. hears at dramatic moments in "Scrubs"), I decided that I needed to stretch my writing muscles beyond the limitations (or, as I've seen them, safety nets) of the screenplay form. And thus, I'm here. Why you are here is something I can't explain, and something, frankly, for which you should seek help.

So, what can you expect here? That's an excellent question. I'll get back to you with an answer soon (I hope). I do know this, though: I like movies (although, really, I like certain types of movies). I like TV. (I decided to share my TiVo list on this site because it was pre-made, unlike a favorite movie list which I'd have to, you know, think about.) I like rock music (just not Glenn Frey). I'm politically aware (if you like W, or if you think Cheney has human emotions, you won't like me a bit). And, I'm a sports fan (Yankees, Islanders and Arsenal). I guess what I'm saying is, there will be no knitting tips on this blog.

Oh, and I also promise that my blog will contain actual words, sentences and paragraphs. That's right, you won't see emoticons, cutesy abbreviations (no matter how funny something is, I will never be ROTFLMAO) or unproofed stream-of-consciousness rants that would be more at home on a suicide note. And, I'll make an effort to spell things correctly. Unlike, say, CNN or the New York Times (seriously, it is amazing what gets through). That does not mean I want people to email me with every spelling mistake I make. After all, I am not the paper of record, nor the network of Anna Nicole Smith, crazy astronauts and blonde women in peril everywhere.

Finally, the title. Why am I apologizing? Because I don't get the whole concept of blogs. I don't understand why anyone thinks his/her ramblings are interesting to anyone other than himself/herself. But wait, doesn't that make me a hypocrite? No, silly, an ego maniac. I'm deluded enough to think that because I have been writing professionally for most of my adult life, I have a right to subject the world (and by world, I mean four people bored at work) to my very own blog. Even if it means that somewhere in cyberspace, Glenn Frey might compare my writing to flaming canine feces. Luckily, I bet the language he chooses will be cheesy.